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Leadership Interview – Brad Lomenick

If you want to understand the value of leadership just observe what happens in its absence – very little. The truth of the matter is, there’s never a bad time to become a better leader. So, how do you become a better leader? One way is to watch today’s interview with Brad Lomenick (@bradlomenick) and glean as much as possible from his words of wisdom. Brad gets leadership…he worked for John Maxwell for a number of years, and is currently the Executive Director of Catalyst (@CatalystLeader), which is an organization dedicated to creating better leaders. In fact, Catalyst arguably puts on the best quality leadership conferences in the world, with their last conference in Atlanta drawing more than 13,000 attendees. I hope you enjoy the interview, and please leave your comments below . I know that both Brad and I would appreciate your insights on the topic of leadership and leadership development.

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