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Because I can...Nary a week passes when I am not cornered by inquisitive minds asking why I blog…The questions range from those wondering how I have the time to blog, and why I give away free information, to those who wonder if blogging is a profitable endeavor, why we don’t sell advertising on the blog, or the oh so tired “isn’t blogging passe?” So, for all those inquiring minds, in today’s post I will answer your questions in hopes that our blogging efforts at N2growth won’t seem so perplexing from this point forward…

Q. Why does N2growth produce a corporate blog?
Becasue it works…Productivity aside, N2growth is a strong believer in the benefits of building community through social media. It is something we are committed to, and we earnestly feel that the Blogosphere is still the medium that provides us with the strongest brand voice (yes, I Tweet, have a LinkedIn profile and maintain a presence on other social networking sites as well). As the Chief Strategy Officer at N2growth, I believe strongly in the concept of brand fluidity, which means that rather than promote a static brand, we evangelize a fluid brand that is constantly being shaped and refined by the feedback and input we receive from our audience. It is without doubt in the best interests of the company to give freely of our opinions and advice, as well as to use the feedback we receive from our readers to help us shape our collective futures.

Q. Why do I blog?
A. Five reasons…First, blogging is part of my job description. Second, to engage, listen and learn. Third, I wanted a platform that would be uncensored, and one of the reasons that I accepted this position is that it afforded me the opportunity to share a bit of my opinionated self without being edited. Fourth, I love to write, and; Fifth, because it works.

Q. How do you have the time to blog?
Between books and columns, I already spend a great deal of time writing, so Blogging didn’t really change my routine that much. Since I usually spend between one and two hours each day engaged in authoring content, I just had to change my focus a bit. That being said, I would be less than candid if I didn’t admit that authoring this blog is an occasional struggle. However I have become convinced that I don’t have the time not to blog…Blogging is not an afterthought, but rather it is something that is part of my daily regimen. It is meaningful to, and appreciated by, our audience, as well as being useful to me by helping me refine my thinking and allowing me to synthesize disparate thoughts into valuable information and useful content. It can also be quite cathartic at times…

Q. Why don’t you sell advertising on the blog?
Because we are a corporate blog we don’t feel that it is appropriate to sell advertising. Our readers subscribe to the blog for its content, and not to be bombarded by third party advertising. Our profits from the blog come from building a strong community with our stakeholders, creating a bond of trust with our audience, the creation of good will, an increase in brand equity, and paid engagements that are spawned as a result of publishing the blog.

Q. Is blogging profitable?
. The answer is unequivocally yes. We not only receive almost daily inquiries for services as a result of the blog, but we are consistently engaged by clients as a direct result of communication originated by content published on the blog. Moreover, we believe the blog is profitable for our audience as well. We receive frequent emails, Re-Tweets, and other feedback attesting to the positive impact our blog has had on our audience.

I hope this has helped address any questions that you may have with regard to our blogging efforts and thank you for all the positive feedback and support with regard to this endeavor.

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